There is no doubt that we all think that in any country, it is the sole responsibility of the government to make sure that the citizens are given with the best services that they can provide. In the theoretical perspective, that is perfectly perfect. But in the real case, it hardly happens that way. However, the public healthcare sector is something that has been developing itself for a long duration of time over the years in many ways. It took a whole new acceleration when humanitarian philanthropists came into the picture.

Pakistan is still a developing third world country. But ironically, it produces a great deal of academics and clever businesspersons. In such a context, it is safe to say that the existing philanthropists are one of the kind people.

In the healthcare sector, especially in the public context, what philanthropists can do is massive. Because no matter what the government was doing, they always have the opportunity to make the changes that they think are the best. This is the strategy followed by Mr. bashir dawood. Following this mindset, he pioneered the makeover at the Aga Khan University Hospital. Unlike any typical hospital, the situation can be very different the moment a hospital gets the ‘teaching’ or ‘university’ part added to it. Why?

Because a certain institution is producing academics, they must be able to guarantee that the involved personnel do live up to the expectations. This is something that the Dawoods kept in their mind the whole time. During the whole rejuvenation project at the Aga Khan University Hospital or the AKUH, the project was designed in such a way that the hospitals would receive all new neurological equipment that it was needing for a long time. In addition to that, the laser suite sure made a huge difference.

There was another establishment that was erected in the university premises. That is the CIME or the centre for innovation in medical education. Innovation of new inventions in the context of national healthcare system is a heap of success. Because in the end of the day, without these new findings, it would be quite hard to attain the advancement that the world expect from us. Consisting of 3 main establishment within, this establishment helped too many people to engage in their research works. That way, the national health system was and is supposed to improve. Since in the end of the day, you can’t expect an advancement of a field without visually witnessing something remarkable.  That is why philanthropy is great.

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