The fact that we all age is no secret. With it, we all have to mitigate or handle a series of changes, mainly physical. Our bodies begin to change, requiring more attention and medical care as time goes on. Naturally, we need to support this change with the right medical advice, and also when necessary, medical aids. Fortunately, we live in the digital age which means that we have a wide selection of superior products to choose from, making life at least a little easier compared to what it would otherwise have been. On that note, here are a few pointers to help you pick the right mobility aids accordingly.

Know the Types

Whilst your doctor will help pinpoint what exactly you need, you should know that mobility aids are typically categorised into two broad types: aids for those able to walk, and for those who cannot. Walking mobility aids include canes, quad canes, walkers with wheels, and rollators. Non-walking mobility aids include wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and scooters. Each of these come with their own pros and cons, which you have to compare before you make a decision.

Assessing What Is Needed

If you are assisting a loved one for example, you should speak to them and understand what their needs exactly are. In fact, there is nothing better than doing this to help settle on the best mobility aid. Are there any specific difficulties they seem to be facing? What is the root of the issue? If necessary, accompany them to their physician, and have a one-on-one conversation for more information. You can then visit a few pharmacies yourself, and see which of them sells what you need. And if you find a chemist Broadmeadows who does, you can take the patient with you, so they could try out different options for themselves.

Permanent or Temporary

For some medical conditions, you might require permanent mobility aids, but in other cases, this is only temporary. Those who may have met with an accident for instance, sustaining a broken leg may only need a wheelchair for a few weeks/months till they recover. So when choosing a mobility aid under the circumstances, you are not looking for longevity. Just for it to suit your needs till you heal. This is also useful if you are on a low budget, since some pharmacies offer mobility aids on hire; so you need not buy them only to use for a short while and let it gather dust in a corner.

Do you or someone you love have mobility issues?


While you should not look at the cheapest possible option when it comes to medical concerns just because it is the most cost-friendly option, mobility aids can tip on to the expensive side. So whilst you shop round, be sure to also check whether your insurance covers these expenses. If they do, that means you can opt for something reliable and of high quality without worrying about price too much. Ask the doctor for their input, and whether there are any places they specifically recommend where you might be able to use your insurance for further assistance.

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