Having issues in your digestion can be very irritating. It can be a huge obstacle to our daily life. Many people tend to hide these problems. But there is no reason to suffer silently. It is important to look into the issue that you are having and get proper treatments. To help you recognize a few of these issues, we have put up some brief introductions of them and ways to help reduce them.


The gallbladder is a small sack that stocks up and secrete bile which is used for digestion. Gallstones are like small solidified deposits that are created in this small sack. This is a very common health issue. This can be cause due to lack of drinking water, high levels of cholesterol, too much waste in your bile and more. This can cause huge pains and can sometimes lead to bleeding. The common symptoms include sudden shocks and pains in the upper right part and the centre of the abdomen, pain between shoulder blades and right shoulder, vomiting and more. It is important to get proper treatments via a doctor to dissolve these stones. If it doesn’t work, you might have to go for a surgical removal of them.


Irritable bowel syndrome

This is mostly affected to women. The reasons for IBS isn’t recognized yet. But the symptoms include bloating or excess gas storage in the stomach, pains in the lower part of the stomach, certain differences in the patterns of bowel movement, constipation or diarrhoea and more. These symptoms can vary. Treatments for IBS are basically based upon the diet. Consuming high fibre meals, avoiding dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, certain acids and more. It is always better to get treatment via professionals in your area. If you are in Singapore, look for irritable bowel syndrome treatment Singapore and you will find some great recommendations.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease 

This is caused by the heavy increase in the acids in your stomach. It will come to your oesophagus. Usual symptoms include burning pain in the chest area, bad breath, nausea, trouble in swallowing and more. This might happen once in a while for many. But having continuous symptoms can suggest something dangerous. Many tend to avoid food and beverages that causes such symptoms. This, of course, differs from person to person. It is always better to get some medical attention before it worsens.


Listed above are a few from the many common digestive diseases. Always keep in mind to seek medical attention when necessary to avoid worsened situations in the future. In addition, be very cautious of the food and beverages you consume.



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