White teeth is important for a white smile which is what everyone wants to ensure that when they smile they look great. It is said that a shiny smile is the hallmark to being a beauty. There are cosmetics treatments such as teeth bleaching which have been created in order to bring that gleaming smile back on to your face. However, like all good things there’s a negative aspect to it as well. Which is why it is important that you consult your dentist and determine which procedure they recommend.


This guide will outline the disadvantages of bleaching your teeth, which should be considered before you go ahead with the procedure.


It is a very expensive cost for you if you need extensive treatment. Whether do you do it at home or at dentistry, you will still spend a ton of money. In many countries, the insurance rarely covers the dental procedures, so you might be in hot water if you have to pay for the entire treatment off of your bank account


Are you eligible?

After a consultation with your dentist, he or she will be able to advise if you are eligible to be a candidate to undergo for any treatments. It is important especially for a laser teeth whitening Singapore based clinic to ensure that they check this. Although the appearance is enhanced and white, this does not mean that the crown of the teeth will be mended. There are separate fillings that need to be used. If you are using material to fill these gaps, then they will be visible even if your teeth are bleached as these ingredients are of different colours, which might put off those individuals who are speaking to you. They are generally not affected by bleaching agents as well.


Long lasting?

Many patients who walk in to the dentistry are curious to find out whether teeth bleaching are long lasting. However, these procedures are temporary and you might need to have a few treatments. One treatment lasts a minimum of one year and a maximum up to three years. If you consume food and drinks that leaves stains behind, then you might have to undergo treatment almost every month or two.

Some individuals who have sensitive gum and teeth will feel pain unlike other, which might make it uncomfortable when eating or drinking. Some individuals feel a slight pain after treatment in their front teeth.


So before you go ahead with the treatment, consider these few points and consult your dentist!

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