Renting out property anywhere is associated with various types of risks. The tenants could damage a property seriously hurting future rental prospects. In recent years, an even worse risk of renting has emerged: meth contamination. The number of properties in New Zealand with meth contamination is shockingly on the rise. Meth contamination occurs in properties where the illicit drug may have been cooked for profusely used. Meth contamination is a very serious issue that poses severe health risks for anyone occupying the property thereafter.

Landlords in New Zealand are therefore advised to be on the lookout for signs of meth contamination between tenants in rental properties. If there are signs of contamination, then the property owner should call in a professional meth cleaning company. These services have also mushroomed in recent years so it’s hard to find a good one. Here are several tips for choosing a truly excellent meth decontamination service in New Zealand:

Watch Out for Conflicts of Interest

Calling a meth decontamination company often follows having another service run proper tests to check the level of contamination. It’s important to make sure the company that checks the contamination levels is independent of the company that shows up for the cleaning. If not, the contamination tests could be biased so that the property owner ends up spending money on expensive cleaning procedures. It’s a dirty trick to keep a keen eye on.

Beware of Companies that Claim to be “Accredited”

If a meth decontamination cleaning service is accredited, then that’s a good thing, right? Actually, no. In New Zealand, there is no government or industry body that accredits meth decontamination companies yet. So, if a company does claim to be “accredited,” then the credentials come from another private company. In other words, the credentials don’t really amount to anything. Therefore, be cautious of accreditation claims as they do not really indicate which cleaners are the best.

Look for Recommendations Instead

Rather than going by dubious accreditation claims, looks for cleaning companies that are widely recommended. A good company is experienced and offers extensive customer testimonials. These companies are also highly recommended by trusted bodies and personnel. Therefore, go with recommendations, not accreditations in this case.

High-Tech Procedures Must be Verified

Some meth decontamination services advertise various types of technologies for decontamination. Don’t take these claims at face value. If a certain technology is being promoted by a cleaning company, then this tech should be validated by an authoritative body such as the Institute of Environmental Science and Research. Otherwise, don’t assume the high-tech offers can actually properly decontaminate.

Ask about Cleaning Under Existing Paint

If the property has been newly painted, then there could be meth contamination hiding under the shiny new layer of paint. If the cleaning company only decontaminates over the new paint, then the property is still contaminated in all technical sense. Therefore, ask the company about what it plans to do regarding newly painted surfaces or surfaces with multiple layers of paint.

Not everyone is familiar with the highly technical process of meth decontamination. Therefore, follow the above suggestions and make sure you pay attention when hiring a new cleaning service.

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