Dental health is linked to your overall health. If you are negligent about taking care of your teeth and gums, you are putting your health at risk. You are not just risking losing a tooth or two, but you could end up with serious problems like heart disease when you don’t pay attention to oral health.

It’s highly recommended to go see a dentist at least every six months or so, even when you don’t have any pressing dental concerns. Most people avoid going to the dentist because of cost mostly, and also fear and inconvenience. Here are several important tips for finding a great dentist in Australia that you can commit to seeing regularly:

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Start with a Google Search

Unlike in the past, you won’t have to drive around looking up dental clinics to find a good doctor. Do a Google search for dentists in your local area. Before you jump to book an appointment with the first dentist that pops up, stop and check out the clinic’s website first. Find out what type of services the dental practice provides. For example, when you go to, the site shows that the clinic offers basic dental care, emergency dental care and a variety of other services. Some clinics specialise in only one area, such as cosmetic dentistry. It’s important to check the website to learn about important facts like the clinic’s specialisations, terms and conditions, and importantly, insurance coverage.

Learn about the Dentist’s Qualification

A good dentist is properly qualified and highly experienced. You can learn about the dentists available at clinics by going to the website’s “about us” section. It should specify the names, qualifications, specialities, and experience of dentists serving at the clinic. You can Google individual names to find out more as well. You may not always understand what all the acronyms stand for. If you don’t, do another Google search and call up the clinic and ask questions. Just know that if you see “Hons” after a dentist’s qualifications, then that means the dentist completed their 5-year training period at the top of their class.

Does the Clinic Provide Anxiety Relief?

If fear of all the dental equipment is a major concern for you, then you might want to choose a clinic that addresses anxiety issues in patients. Some clinics may have special rooms or personnel that offer counselling for concerned patients before undergoing procedures. Fear is one of the top reasons why patients avoid going to the dentist. But do not let your fear hold you back from getting proper medical care.


Is the dental clinic located close to your home or office? Location is important as well because if a long transit and setting up appointments complicates things, you may never end up going to the dentist. Find a clinic that you can go to on your way to work or near your home. Make the process as convenient as possible so you don’t miss the appointments.

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If you can’t communicate properly with your dentist, then you won’t be visiting him much to take care of your health needs. The best dentists are welcoming, reassuring, and provide you with clear instructions about diagnoses and treatment programs. Find a dentist you can communicate with clearly.

It’s not a major challenge to find a great dentist you can stick with for years. Follow the above tips and you will be able to land a good dentist.

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