A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in the field of women’s reproductive health. Making sure that your reproductive health is in good conditions and going well is very important, especially to women. That is why we have doctors who are qualified in this field. Reproductive health might be a bit complicated to understand as it is not the same for everyone. So, knowing that you are in great terms can be a huge relief. Of course, going through such an experience might sound weird at first. But that is why we have answers for some of the common questions that will pop into your mind.




Why would you want to see a gynaecologist? The most important reason is because she/he will help you understand your body. Reproductive health is much more complex than we thing. A gynaecologist is already inexpert in this area and thereby will see if there is any issue. Such a professional will show you and teach you what is normal and what is not. That way you will have an idea if any change happens in the future. She/he will be able to identify problems at an early stage before it gets worsened. That way you can combat any disease which is on the rise. In addition, a gynaecologist will teach you the necessary sex education, reproductive health, the normal patterns and certain changes and more. Once you are comfortable with your doctor you can even ask questions to clarify any doubts on your mind.




Generally, the best time to visit a gynaecologist is between the ages 13 and 15. That is because this is the normal period when a girl hits puberty. Other than that you should visit a gynaecologist when you’ve had any sort of sexual conduct. This will help her/him see if there is any issue. If you are having late menstrual cycles, it is better to see a gynaecologist. That way you will be given specific treatments if requires. Menstrual cramps is another signal that you should visit your gynaecologist. In addition to all this, you can visit a specialist who you notice any difference in your intimate areas, when you are suffering from stomach pains and any other issue which you find strange. Make sure you get an appointment to a great gynaecologist in your area. If you are in Singapore you can get an appointment for gynaecologist specialist singapore.


It is always better to see a doctor in case of any medical issue. Making frequent visits to a gynaecologist will help you assure about your reproductive health.



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