Due to the unhealthy lifestyle that we currently maintain, many people are prone to obesity. Lack of physical activity, excessive fast food consumption, stress etc. is some of the causes of obesity. Obesity is a chronic condition that leads to many serious illnesses and hence should not be taken lightly. In developed countries, obesity is above 35% of its population which is a dangerous condition. The higher health effects are on children as they have been consuming harmful substances since childhood and have been practicing a routine that makes them sit in front of a computer or TV all day. It is high time to change our ways and here are some health effects of obesity, to open up your eyes.

  1. Joint problems

With all that body weight, your knees, ankles and feet are at high risk. You will experience extreme pain in your joints as you move about and this is due to osteoarthritis. It is vital that you make it a habit to take at least a 30 minute walk every day. Excessive standing is not advised so if your job requires you to do that, you better start controlling your eating patterns and drop some weight. You need to see a podiatrist in Armadale to examine your ankle joints and take necessary physical therapy sessions to ease out the pain.

  • High blood pressure

The more fat tissue you have, the more work your blood cells will have to do to reach those additional tissue. This puts extreme pressure on the heart so it has to pump more than it is designed to, all around your body. Due to this, your heart rate goes up, increasing your blood pressure. You will feel tired very quickly as your heart now is much weaker than ever before.

  • Diabetes

Obesity is the main reason for type 2 diabetes. The extra weight you gain causes insulin resistance and this is the cause of diabetes. When your body is resisting insulin, which is the hormone that keeps your blood sugar levels at balance, it causes the blood sugar levels to rise. Type 2 diabetes was often seen in adults, however the sad truth at present is that it can start at a very young age too, so children are the newest victims of type 2 diabetes.

  • Depression

Obesity affects a person’s mental health too. Being obese will make children be victims of bullying which will have very serious mental health implications. It can bring their self-esteem down, causing them to feel depressed which will ultimately give suicidal thoughts.

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