Charity doesn’t come to everyone easily. Most people imagine charity as some sort of organization where a few rich people are getting together to help some poor ones. But donations or assistance to the needy can begin even at home. Especially in Asian countries there is a huge rich-poor difference and it is often seen poor people suffering without food or shelter. It doesn’t have to be a calling to you; you with your family and friends can help in any way you can.


Start small


People also assume that to start a charity you’d need to have a big capital or conduct a large scale event. But it is not a must. You can start small and collect funds among your circle of friends and family. Start with a minor project. For example it has been found glaucoma Hong Kong to be the leading cause of blindness at 23%, so as a charity you can organize free medical camps with a bunch of friends, colleagues and acquaintances who are optometrists or ophthalmologists. It is easy to use a social media site to share the details of the initiative and request professionals to come forward and help you. That way you can conduct the project with a minimum cost.

Pick a group


It is not mandatory or even fair at times to pick a certain group of people to help but it can streamline your activities if you do. For example you can choose to go ahead with school kids. Or elderly people. When you zero in on like that it is easy to raise items to hand out because you’d know what sort of goods are needed, who are the suppliers, where to buy cheaper bulk items and tips and tricks in raising funds. As time goes by the public will also know of you as a group who helps this sector of society; and if anyone thought of helping but couldn’t, and want to help on a next turn they still can. Even if they bought something and couldn’t hand them in they can do it on the next chance as you will be helping the same group.

Provide proof


It is sad to see certain people use something like charity for their own benefit. Because of failed projects in the past even good Samaritans wouldn’t want to help a genuine cause. So to make sure you are not seen as a fraudster, provide ample proof to your patrons. Take pics and videos of activities you do, for example kid eye check up and publish them in a platform where everyone can see or send them to the ones who funded you personally. You can use online means as well as public events to raise funds and create awareness; for example exhibitions, fairs and similar events will be more than happy to lend you a stall space so you can show what you have done up to now and what your future aspirations are. If you display it effectively you can easily add more patrons.


Some charities waste money and resources at times unknowingly, at times just by using it for their own amusement. You have to appoint office bearers to the charity group who will take things seriously and try to actually make a change in this world.


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