We are instantly attracted to those you have pretty smiles. A smile can convey a lot of things indeed. People look at your smile and make judgments about your friendliness, pride, approachability and boldness. So you really have to start practicing a million dollar smile! The article below gives a few tips and suggestions that will certainly help you in this regard.

Keep your mouth fresh

You have to make sure your mouth is always fresh and clean. Always remember to brush your teeth as soon as you wake up and just before going to bed at night. This is a simple habit that will make a world of difference. Brushing alone will not do, you have to floss as well. Try to brush your teeth after every meal as well so that your mouth will remain fresh. When you brush you will remove the unsightly particles of food that get stuck in between your teeth too.

If you think you have bad breath, try chewing sugar free chewing gum. This will certainly help fight bad breath. Do drink a lot of water throughout the day as well. Especially after having a meal, you must freshen up your mouth by downing a glass of water. This will help wash down the food particles that accumulate in your mouth during the eating process.

Visit your dentist

Every six months schedule an appointment with your dentist. Get your teeth cleaned during these appointments too. If there are any cavities or broken teeth, fix those problems right away. Don’t wait till it’s too late because you may have to extract teeth if you do. And that will not make your smile pretty! The cost of getting tooth implants is very high. So take good care of your pearly whites!

Fix the alignment of the teeth

If you have trouble with the alignment of your teeth, you will not feel confident about flashing that pretty smile! So consider visiting a reputed Invisalign clinic Singapore has if you are living in that county and take measures to have your problems solved.

Practice to become perfect

Keep practicing and you will soon have that perfect smile. Practice in front of the mirror when no one is looking of course! You can even try practicing a pretty smile for your photos. One really needs to know how to take a proper selfie to survive in the modern digital and social media age. Look for celebrity photos and see how they look dignified and gorgeous while posing for photos and try to steal a few tips from them.


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