Many people struggling with excessive weight issues opt for a gastric bypass surgery as their last option when everything else they have tried has failed to reduce weight. It is an operation which divides the upper part of the stomach from the rest of the stomach so that you have a smaller pouch and the intestines are connected to the new stomach. As you have a smaller stomach, you tend to feel full after consuming a small quantity of food and therefore avoids putting on excess weight. The operation is sometimes lifesaving to many people who suffer from physical, mental and social impacts of excessive weight gain.

Gastric bypass surgery Singapore is not for everyone. You must consult a surgeon and discuss your medical history, financial status and the different options out there before going for one. And it is always better to be aware of what kind of an experience it is like following the operation by talking to people who have already had it and searching the internet. Any extra questions you have, you must take to your surgeon or nurse who can answer them better and give you the proper guidance you need.

The operation can be done laparoscopically which means there will be less scarring and maybe even faster and better healing as well. The pain may not be too intolerable. However, laparoscopic technique involves injecting carbon dioxide gas into your abdominal cavity which they will be removed before finishing up, but a little gas can remain and this may cause some discomfort. The best to do in this instance is to walk about and keep moving. Staying still can make it worse. After the operation for a while, there will be a tube with a bag draining from inside the stomach. It is uncomfortable and even painful at times. But it is essential to monitor any internal bleeding, so be prepared for it.  When recovering from the operation you may need to sleep in a semi sitting position for some time. Your body has gone through major stress and sleeping will not be a problem even in this position. You will be put on a liquid diet at first since your stomach must be allowed to heal properly. After the operation though you may not feel hungry, you may still have cravings which must be controlled, if necessary with psychological help.

This is an operation that can give you a new perspective on life. Though you may feel it easy to lose weight following the operation you still need to work hard with diet and exercise to achieve your body goals.

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