We don’t have to stress much the importance of taking care of your feet’s health. Often we are concerned with our skins, our face, our teeth, but the feet need the same care they deserve. There are actually a lot of things you can do to maintain your feet in good condition and of course strong. Here are some of the proper approach to take proper care of your own feet.

Clean your feet regularly

As basic as this, in order to take care of your feet, you should wash them with soap every day. Don’t overlook the in-betweens of your toes. However, it is not recommended to soak them as the natural oils may be destroyed. Afterwards, dry them completely. Do not put them in closed shoes when they are still wet. Trim the toenails as the microbes tend to accumulate in there. Also, make sure that your shoes are washed or clean as well. The goal is to not let any possible fungus to grow in the surfaces of your feet. You can even alternate your pairs of shoes not only for style, but also for health reasons.

Improve blood circulation

If your soles have been under pressure the entire day by sitting or standing the long time, cross-legging position, or even wearing tight socks can affect how the blood circulates down there. Make it a point to walk, move, stand up if you’re sitting, or if possible a gentle massage will relax the muscles. To prevent this, wear comfortable footwear. Inbuying new shoes, to assure of its comfortability, do the fitting in the afternoons because around this time, the feet are larger than when it is in the morning. This will prevent chronic pain and other infections that cause itching or blisters.

Manage your weight

As the feet somehow carries the weight of the body, it is important to not burden so much your feet. Aside from exercise, avoid eating sweet foods. Excessive sugar intake may lead to diabetes, which is a prerequisite to some pain in the feet. If you already have diabetes, or if you are pregnant, or have been an overweight, check out with Podiatry Richmond right now in order to prevent worsening of the condition. Talk to a doctor in order to figure out how to cope up with these conditions but still make your feet healthy and safe.

We owe a lot of things to our feet—like getting us into places and standing up for us without fail every single day. But do we really give the proper treatment and care they truly deserve? Start to make them always clean and comfortable and you’re sure they will never walk away from you.




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