Let’s be real when we talk about taking care of our health we don’t actually talk about it in terms of every aspect that there is to take care of. We simply and mostly refer only to our physical appearance and how to make sure that stays perfect. Take any influencer, blogger, vlogger or pretty much anyone on the social media stratosphere, each and everyone would have at least one video or post about their ‘skin care routine’. I’m all in for taking care of our skin but some of these ‘ten step’ routines are starting to look a tad bit ridiculous let alone being actually useful for us.

With social media domination our world and with the constant influence of these so-called influencers on how we should maintain proper health, I fear that we are side stepping what it really means to take care of our health, For instance, no one talks about dental care, or taking care of our digestive system or even foot care. Basic things like these that play a significant role and contribute greatly to our overall health are completely neglected and the main focus is given to maintaining flawless skin. However, among these perfect-skin strivers, there are people who actually care about their health in the truest form and consider taking care of every aspect of their health in addition to good skin, if you are one of those people then here are some less common things we need to think about when talking about our health:

Foot Care And Dental Care

Some of the less talked about things in terms of healthcare is foot care and dental care. Often we underestimate these things until something goes wrong. Imagine having a broken ankle or an excruciating toothache, your life will literally have to pause till you recover but do we ever give them the recognition they deserve, not really. It’s a really good idea to go to a recognized foot doctor Adelaide or someone in your local area just to be on the safe side.

In the event of any injuries or even just unusual pains you might feel in your legs, and then this should be checked up and made sure that everything is as it should be. Dental care is something that cannot be overstated, make sure to have some regular appointments made and get your teeth checked. You don’t want to simply wait till something goes wrong because more often than not it’s too late when something goes wrong and will essentially take a very long time to get fixed.

What You Eat Is What You Become

A lesser known aspect of our health has recently started to emerge: our gut health. The significance of gut health came to surface quite recently when people started to learn of the part our microbiome played in determining many aspects of our health such as immunity. This urged people to take more healthy steps towards maintaining a diverse and well balanced microbiome. Frankly, doing this is not that hard; all you need to do is make sure that your diet is not restricted to certain types of food and omitting others but rather make it diverse and filled with all food groups and food types.

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