When talking about the field of medicine and medicinal research, a name that should not be missed is Dawood. The Dawood foundation has done a great deal of contributions that has made the medicinal field of Pakistan the best in the region.

The Dawood foundation together with the great vision of Bashir Dawood has taken the best steps in order to better the field of medicine in Pakistan. Their vision was made possible with the greatly generous minds of the Dawood. This article focuses on the great contributions that was made by the Dawood to uplift the field of medicine:

Improve medicinal research

To conduct medicinal research, a lot of high tech is needed. There was a time when Pakistan didn’t have the needed tech. However, in the modern day, Pakistan has one of the best medicinal research facility centers thanks o the great contributions that is made by the Dawood family. The family got together in order to bring donate the best equipment which are needed for medical research. Up to date, the Aga Kahn University has the most advanced medicinal research facility in the region.

To enhance medicinal studies

Furthermore, the family played their role in creating the best facilities to the medicine students and the nurses in the area. Again, the Aga Kahn university was given the best tech that will be needed for the practice of the students. Thus, the quality of the education of doctors and nurses was improved. This means that the Dawood have made a great contribution in order to better the field of medicine for years to come by creating attend experts to the field.

Contributions to the University

When it comes to the Aga Kahn University, many other contributions were made. Due to the immense contributions that was made by the foundation, one of the three buildings of the university were named by after the family. This shows the level of respect that the Dawood family has made by the generous contributions that they have made into creating a much better country in Pakistan.

The donations that they have made will better the lives of generations to come. Yes, it has also helped in the development of the Pakistan as a whole and it has also brought about great opportunities to the youth of Pakistan. The Dawood family will keep to increasing the contributions that they are making to the field as well. This family is a great example for those who want to better the world and yes, keep in mind that it’s a simple thought that led to these amazing developments made.

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