Many of us likes to change our looks, try new things and go with the trends. Our appearance plays a huge role in our life. If you are looking to try something new and change your looks, we might have some times to help you out.


Makeup change

Let’s start off with something simple and easy. Most of us tend to use the same makeup products again and again. Once we find a good lipstick colour that suits us, there is no turning back. Even if it finishes, we tend to go in search of the same product. Step aside from that. Try something new and fresh. If you a person who uses light lip colours, go for something dark. If it is the other way around, go for a light tone. Either way change the lip colour. Next the way you apply foundation, the colour of the blushes and eye shadow needs to take a different route. This is the only way to start off with a simple change. Besides, you can always undo this in seconds. When selecting colour, make sure they suite your face.



Hair also plays a huge role in a person’s appearance. That is why when someone shaves their head it is a shocking change. Start off with your haircut. Changing it will give your face a whole new look. If you prefer colouring, it can add a great look as well. Select the style and colour which suits you the best. You can always seek advices from your hairdresser. If you want you can even straighten or curl your hair. Either way, a huge change is on its way.


Did you know that eyes are the most attractive thing in a human? The reason is the contact we made with others is mostly done through this organ. With the introduction of contact lenses, you can change your eye colour very easily. This will definitely give you a whole new look. So select a colour which suits you and get some contact lenses. You can go for biofinity contact lenses Singapore. These are a type of lenses which lasts for about a moth. So if you don’t like the look you can get rid of it easily.

Letting go of your old look and pursuing a new one can be a tough decision. But the brand new you will be off to a great start. So take up the challenge and go for a big change.


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