Our modern diets are killing us, literally. Most foods we love—burgers, pudding, cake, French fries, white bread—are filled with refined sugars and excess carbohydrates that contribute to unhealthy weight gain heart problems. Redefining what we eat has now become the crux of staying healthy in the long term. Read below for tips on how you can start fixing your diet.

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Physically Cut Yourself Off from Unhealthy Food

You can’t eat French fries or pizza if it’s not available anywhere near you, right? If you are really suffering from processed food cravings and cannot help but end up in front of a fast-food drive-through on your way home, you might want to try physically getting away from temptation. To achieve this seemingly impossible task, try going on one of those popular fitness retreats. You will be at a hotel that serves only healthy meals. You can enjoy the lovely scenery and hang out with likeminded people without ever needing to drive to the grocery store to buy ice cream. You will also be in a relaxing environment that doesn’t trigger food cravings. So combine vacation time with your health needs and try this on a weekend.

Replace Refined Flour Products with Grainy Flours

Refined flour, that is white flour, containing products are packed with carbohydrates that the body can digest quite easily. This leads to insulin spikes, which for diabetics can be deadly. One easy way to reduce the overall calories we eat is to replace all the white, floury foods with browner, crunchier foods. Ditch the processed white bread and fill your breakfasts with whole grain bread fortified with vitamins. Bread with legumes added is also great because you can get an extra dose of proteins and fibre in your meal.

Replace Sugary Snacks with Fruits

We all need that sweet, sugary snack at least once a day. It can be difficult to replace sugar, because our bodies really are wired to enjoy sugar highs. You may not be able to ditch chocolates right away. One way to get around this problem is by replacing sugary foods you love with fruits. If you love having chocolate cake, instead enjoy a fruit salad. It will be an equally sweet tasting replacement. While fruits do contain sugar, fruits are also packed with fibre. Your body will not instantly absorb the sugars and mess up the insulin levels in your body when you eat fruits.

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Eat Nuts and Carrots to Control Food Cravings

To ease those late night food cravings, try eating nut mixes, carrots, pumpkin seeds and similarly healthy alternative food instead of bingeing on ice cream. Nuts are full of fibre, vitamins, and minerals the body needs. It’s better to soothe your cravings with nuts rather than a pint of ice cream. Gradual replacement of your food cravings with healthier alternatives will help you shed pounds sooner.

If you want to avoid type II diabetes or heart disease in the future, then you need to get all that excess carbs and sugar off your diet. Living healthy starts with eating healthy. So take the suggestions above to heart and learn to eat healthy meals.

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