There are many types of cosmetic and other kinds of surgeries performed on the face. Out of all blepharoplasty seems to be a popular option used by many elderly people and also in some cultures to adjust or improve their facial features, concerning the eyes. This particular surgery focuses on repairing the eye lids for various reasons, such as having too much fat, layers of skin or even some conditions related to muscle.

Most people opt for this surgery as they get older due to various conditions that affect the skin. It is a known fact that as you age the muscles weaken and they do not support the skin all too well, making them sag and droop. This can be easily seen on the face especially around the eyes. The weak muscles result in too much fat accumulating making the skin look droopy and can cause sagging eyebrow’s and sometimes bags under the eyes. Not only does this make you look older, it can also cause vision problems as well. Therefore this type of eyelid surgery singapore can be considered for cosmetic reasons as well as other medical reasons. So if you are considering this option, it is best to know all you can about the procedure. Lets looks at some of the key aspects.

It is suitable when

This surgery can be considered in several conditions such as baggy eyelids, having too much skin on the upper or lover eyelids making vision difficult or having under eye bags. The removal of excess skin and fat can dramatically improve your vision and give you an alert and youthful look as well. Some people opt to do this surgery while they undergo any other cosmetic operations on the face such a face lift.

Possible risks

Like in any other form of surgery, this is not without its risks, therefore having a thorough understanding of what you are getting in to is most recommended.  Let’s look at some of the associated risks.

  • There can be infection and bleeding if proper care is not taken.
  • You might experience issues in closing your eyes or moving them about.
  • There can be some irritation associated with the medicine and procedure used.
  • There can be scar tissue which can be noticeable.
  • There can be reasons for additional surgery that might have to be carried out due to various reasons.
  • Eye muscles can be permanently or temporarily damaged.

These are some of the risks involved, and before you go ahead it is important that you meet with your surgeon and discuss the risks and also talk about your current health condition, especially relating to your eyes. Having an honest discussion will help remove the risks and make sure that the procedure goes smoothly.

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