Family is the people who make us happy and feel loved during trying and tough times. Knowing that they are around gives us the strength and energy needed for us to survive the hardest of challenges in life. This is why we make it a priority to make sure the family is free from all danger and health issues. Children, in particular, are the parts of the family who need better attention in keeping them healthy and safe. The slightest of fever or skin rash can already cause an alarm to the parents and other family members.

An allergy can be irritating but, in rare cases, it can also cause life threatening reactions of the body’s immune system against allergens. When kids get allergies, there is always a possibility that their body’s reaction can reach a level that can gravely affect their other bodily functions. The stress of having allergic reactions does not only affect the children, the impact on the parents is also palpable as they feel twice the pain that is suffered by their kids.

It is highly important to know what to do in case of moments of allergic reaction in kids. Here are some things that you need to know in caring for kids with allergies:

Take Note of the Allergens and Their Effects on the Child

The first time an allergic reaction takes place, the reason behind can be challenging to find especially in cases of food allergies that have delayed effects. It is important to identify the correct source of the allergy because correct diagnosis can be used to prevent further or future contact with said allergen. So, Reliable IGG testing should be conducted in order to get a correct diagnosis of the source of the allergy.

Aside from knowing what the allergen is, make sure that the effects on the child are also well-noted and completely listed. This will greatly help in planning a suitable treatment for the allergy.

Possible Severe Effects of Allergies and First-Aid Treatment

The most severe effect of allergic reactions can probably be anaphylaxis which can be laboured breathing with a combination of swelling, dizziness or nausea, among others. This is what you should definitely avoid and therefore, proper first aid treatment of an allergic reaction is a must.

If you already know what causes your kid’s allergy and there was a contact with the allergen, then you probably have known already how it will affect your child. If the allergies result in uncontrollable sneezing and runny nose as seen mostly in pollen allergies, the initial treatment is to manage the symptoms and take the prescribed medication. However, for cases of anaphylactic shock, the first aid treatment should be faster and handled with urgency. The first thing to do is to call an ambulance. While waiting for help, you must do everything to keep the child calm. It can also be helpful to give them a blanket while raising their feet at least a foot while lying down. To assure easier breathing, make sure that the patient is wearing loose clothes.

Allergies are fairly common conditions that almost all people suffer from. With proper knowledge and monitoring, a correct diagnosis is always probable which can help in preventing further allergic reaction in the future.

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