Mumbai is a large, gorgeous city with many different suburbs and surrounding the city are some interesting locations. So if you are planning on holding your wedding there, you do not have to limit yourself to the main parts of the city. With different locations providing different landscapes, facilities and such, it would be useful to have a brief overview of the potential locations for your dream wedding.


The city previously a village has now become one of the most sought after up-market neighborhoods in Mumbai. Situated on the banks of the lake that shares its name, the city is surrounded by rolling hills thus making it a picturesque location perfect for outdoor weddings. There are many wedding venues in powai to choose from and most of these are located on the banks of the lake thus ensuring that the wedding party can have a gorgeous view of the lake while the wedding proceedings take place.

Madh Island

The island consists of a group of fishing villages and farming areas, in the northern part of Mumbai. With lovely beaches and mangroves surrounding them, the area is popular among tourists and the elite. The beach is clean and unspoilt thus making it a lovely location for a beach wedding. The golden sand, the beautiful mangroves and the stunning blue water is the perfect backdrop for pictures. And once you are done with the wedding formalities you can always go and walk on the beach, hand in hand with your new spouse.


This ancient city is surrounded by expansive vineyards and is appropriately called the Wine Capital of India, as almost half of all the wineries and vineyards in the country can be found in this one city. As it lies in an altitude 700m above the sea level, the city is home to many mountains and has the ideal climate for a wedding any time of the year.  Many Owners of Vineyards allow weddings to place within them. Therefore if you wish to hold a wedding in a vineyard surrounded by mountains with a pleasant climate throughout the year, then this is the ideal location for you.

Nariman Point

Located in Downtown Mumbai, Nariman Point is home to many luxurious hotels overlooking the sea.  While there are no mountains or lakes in this city, the luxury hotels can host fabulous, grand weddings that can leave a party guest mesmerized. With luxury facilities available, most of the upscale hotels have large banquet rooms that you can hold your wedding in and you are never too far from the city centr either.

A wedding in Mumbai can be as grand or unique as you want. There is always something for everyone. Therefore check out the locations above.

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