From the word itself “JUNK” food. If we refer to the dictionary it means old or discarded that are considered useless or of little value. In synonym to junk is rubbish. Why is junk food really junk? Junk food contains very less nutrition and in the opposite very high calories. These are processed food meaning it came from the factory wherein the ingredients used are created thru physical and chemical means to be consumed by the public. These make it easier for the public to prepare and serve food.

There is a very long list of which food goes in the category of junk food. To name some are those from the fast food such as pizza, burger, fries, and those from the market we often buy such as popcorn, carbonated beverages, ice creams, cakes, sugary cereals and a whole lot more. Wow! That was even hard for me to type since those are very delicious food but its sad to say its junk. Weigh the importance of losing weight and how much you’re craving for those junk food. Well, if you choose your goal to lose weight then congratulations! If you’re not convinced yet, continue reading even more.

Why is junk food really really bad for us? First of all, junk food increases our fats inside our body which may lead to obesity and even heart problems. Second, this affects our brain since we become addicted to them which leads us to choosing junk than those healthy food options such as salad, fruits, vegetables and others. Third, this may lead to diabetes since these food contain high amount of sugar and if your body has too much of it and stops being normal then you may gain this disease. Fourth, you may lead to experience depression and anxiety when you intake too much fried foods including pizzas, burger, doughnuts and other junk food. There are other more included in the list of why you shouldn’t consume junk food but I will make it stop at this point since I think these reasons are enough for you to stop consuming junk food or even not completely stop but be very cautious and aware to consume only a minimal amount that will not LEAD to those stated above. If you’re a woman and you love junk food too much this will affect your system so be sure to get checked by a Singapore gynaecologist just to be sure of your health.

The more junk food that you consume the less essential nutrients are consumed. That’s the point, so if I were you, try to avoid them if you could despite of it being attractive to us consumers. Avoid its intimidating look and start looking at the food that will lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

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